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Dear visitor, welcome to Unexpected Dominance the TFL | TAFL approved fanlisting for Kanakubo Homare, one of the potential love interests in the Japanese otome game Starry☆Sky~in Summer~ and its sequel Starry☆Sky ~after Summer~ created by Honeybee. He appears as well in the Starry☆Sky anime series. If you're fan of him, please consider joining the fanlisting!

This fanlisting was adopted from Kula on September 2011, thank you forever! ♥


game introduction

Starry☆Sky is a Japanese otome game series released by Honeybee in 2009. The series is split in four games, each one named after a season: spring, summer, autumn, winter. The heroine, Yahisa Tsukiko (changeable name), is a 2nd year student and the only female enrolled at Seigetsu Academy, a previously all-boys school specialized in astonomy located in the Japanese countryside. She takes part in various school activities, leading her to meet various people. The total of love interests is 12, making 3 guys per game. Their personalities are based on Western zodiac signs. Starry☆Sky also received an anime adaptation (26 episodes) in Spring 2011 by Studio DEEN.

Starry☆Sky ~in summer~ (OP: Shoot High - Kamiya Hiroshi) focuses on Tsukiko's involvement in the archery club. The members are working hard to win the Inter High tournament taking place in summer, among them are : Kinose Azusa (Sagittarius), a first-year student and new club member who never hesitates to flirt openly with Tsukiko. He bickers frequently with Miyaji Ryunosuke (Scorpio), the strict vice-captain but fortunately, Kanakubo Homare (Taurus), the captain, is there to calm them down.

Starry☆Sky ~after summer~ (OP: Stardust Flashback - Hoshi Souichirou) is its fandisk/sequel, which story begins when Tsukiko starts dating her love interest after receiving his confession.

Kanakubo Homare

the taurus boy

Name (last, first): Kanakubo Homare
Birthday: May 14 (Taurus)
Blood Type: O
Height/Weight: 185 cm/64 kg
School: Seigetsu Gakuen, 3rd year, Astrology dept.
Family: Father, mother, twin sister and two other younger sisters (twins)
Voice Actor: Hoshi Souichirou

Homare is the captain of Seigetsu Academy's archery club and is your typical friendly and caring senpai figure. He often settles the quarrels between his juniors, Miyaji Ryunosuke and Kinose Azusa. Despite his gentle and calm personality, Homare knows how to release his wrath when people get on his nerves. He is also prone to stress, inducing frequent stomach aches.

The blue-haired captain started taking a romantic interest in Tsukiko shortly before her enrollment Seigetsu Academy. She gave him the strength to continue archery club activites with a few words of encouragement when he blamed himself for the team's loss in the Inter High tournament. Now, they are doing their best together to get that championship back!

In the anime, we get to see him perform tea ceremony. He is also friends with Kazuki and Oushiro (eps 9 & 10).

why i like him


Homare is easily one of my most favorite characters in Starry☆Sky (I loved Tsubasa as well, like 90% of the fandom back then lol). To me, he was the character who had the best route out of the three potential love interests in both Starry☆Sky ~in Summer~ and ~after Summer~, they were sweet and adorable without dumb drama happening.

He is the kind of senpai that you'd want to be noticed by (in my opinion) although he had already noticed the heroine for a while and drops heavy hints but she is too dense to notice. His gentleness is the trait that really got me to like him, he was kind of like Suzuya of Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~ without the yandere vibes?? The voice acting played a big role too and HIS SMILE IS THE BEST (I could rant on that). Also it's cute when he doubles over with a stomach ache, I just want to take care of him !